Many enterprises are already running Kubernetes in production, but they are running into limitations with legacy architectures as they try to mature and expand their footprint. Diamanti’s Kubernetes management platform breaks from legacy architectures to deliver turnkey solutions that are simple and cost effective on-premises and in the cloud, allowing enterprises to focus on their applications and not on infrastructure complexity. View this on-demand event with industry expert, author, and analyst Ned Bellavance and Diamanti CEO, Tom Barton to learn:

  • How the industry is responding to the challenges of 2020
  • The common challenges enterprises face as they try to grow from 4 or 5 clusters to 20+ clusters of Kubernetes
  • The new capabilities of Diamanti Spektra 3.0 and the customer use cases from the recently completed early access program
  • A demo of Diamanti’s Kubernetes management platform


Tom Barton

CEO, Diamanti

Tom is an expert team builder and understands how to create value across the entire organization. As CEO at Diamanti he brings a wealth of experience and an enviable track record at leading technology disruptors to market leadership. This includes serving as CEO at Rackable Systems, a server and storage infrastructure innovator, where he oversaw the company's growth from $25 million in annual sales to $360 million in just five years and led the company through a successful IPO. Tom was also CEO at Planet Labs, and at Cygnus Solutions, one of the first companies to provide support for open source software.

Ned Bellavance

Founder, Ned In the Cloud LLC

Ned is an experienced IT practitioner with experience in the field. Ned has worked with Fortune 500 companies and SMBs across multiple verticals, developing and deploying both on-premises and cloud-based architectures. Ned has authored two books on the Azure Kubernetes Service and HashiCorp Terraform and holds several industry certifications from vendors including but not limited to Microsoft, VMware, AWS and Citrix.

Brian Waldon

VP Product, Diamanti

Brian has helped Diamanti design software that meets the needs of today's fast-paced IT environments. Waldon has nearly a decade of experience in engineering leadership positions and has worked in a software-development capacity across a variety of organizations, including at OpenStack, where he was on the technical committee and helped design the platform from inception. His experience also includes time as the engineering team lead at CoreOS, one of the original Kubernetes distributions; and as principal engineer at Planet Labs, where he managed some of the first massive cloud-based Kubernetes deployments.

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