Enterprises are experiencing a confluence of challenges including the massive shift to work-from-home and hybrid workplaces, distributed customers and the consumerization of IT just to name a few. Plus, the evolution of public cloud pricing can add complexities to IT budgets. To adapt to these conditions and become more resilient for future challenges, many enterprises are turning to hybrid-cloud strategies. At the same time Kubernetes has entered the mainstream for enterprise users, resulting in more organizations leveraging the technology as the default platform for managing cloud-native applications and microservices in a hybrid cloud environment.

The challenge for enterprise users is that using Kubernetes to achieve true hybrid cloud flexibility in a secure and reliable way is difficult. Most Kubernetes solutions are disjointed and limited in scope, focusing on a small set of simple applications. In short, Kubernetes is hard as is selecting the right solution for an organization.

In this webinar, Diamanti Co-Founder and CTO Gopal Sharma and Founding Engineer Sambasiva Bandarupalli will provide a framework for IT organizations to follow as they seek to expand Kubernetes in production in a hybrid cloud environment, on premises and/or at the edge. In the session, they will cover:

  • Challenges in implementing Kubernetes and common points of failure
  • The five questions IT organizations should consider to deliver a complete future-proof platform that supports diverse applications, infrastructure, people and processes in an enterprise
  • Answers to your burning questions about deploying or expanding Kubernetes across your enterprise


Gopal Sharma

Co-Founder & CTO, Diamanti
Gopal is an engineering veteran bringing more than 25 years’ experience to the team. Gopal co-founded Diamanti in 2013 and oversees technical strategy as Diamanti’s CTO. Prior to Diamanti, Gopal was Principal Engineer at Cisco, defining Cisco Unified Computing System technical development and evolution. Before Cisco, Gopal held distinguished engineers’ positions at Veritas and then Symantec for more than 10 years enabling growth on their foundation storage solutions.


Samba Bandarupalli

Founding Engineer, Diamanti
Samba is a founding engineer at Diamanti

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